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Database utilities
Biotechvana Queue Manager 1.0
Futami, R. Llorens, C. and Moya, A.
Biotechvana Queue Manager is a server overload preventing script for PHP-based Web sites. This script manages all requests received in a web server to a target application. The tool registers them in a queue controlled by a database engine and processes each request sequentially, one at a time. It operates transparently, telling the user how much time remains for a request to be performed.

Database utilities
Biotechvana Search Engine 1.0
Llorens, C. Futami, R. Vicente-Ripolles, M and Moya, A.
Biotechvana Search Engine is a cross-platform customizable web search engine script written in PHP that indexes in a database all the words contained in your web site or intranet to provide faster searches to your visitors. Results are sorted by relevance and a list of similar words is given when no matches are found.

Database utilities
GyDB Package 1.0
Futami, R. Llorens, C. Vicente-Ripolles, M. and Moya, A.
The GyDB Package is the downloadable version of our project online the Gypsy Database (GyDB) of mobile genetic elements. This package allows for deployment of a local version of the GyDB, making it possible to create your own personal database using the GyDB framework for your intranet. The package includes all the functions available on the online version of the GyDB, consisting in content and literature browsers and services, except the BLAST and HMMER programs and the images of which we are not owners. Accession to BLAST and HMM servers can be compiled and executed on local machines and the services directly link by default to the GyDB online. If you want to implement these two programs or any other tool in your own database, the package facilitates content creation and management with examples and automations.

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